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What People Are Saying

I had to send you both an email and let you know Alexis was over the moon last night about ringing the bell for her backhandspring! When she came out of the gym she asked to go back in and keep doing them because they were 'fun' and in the car ride home she wanted to come home and do them on the grass. Of course, I said no to both, and told her it's best to have the coaches around until she has had more practice. That said, I wanted to thank both of you for your continuous support, patience, motivation and encouragement when working with Alexis during her tumbling classes. This backhandspring has been her biggest challenge to date to complete without a spot, she has struggled to overcome her mental block for many months. As parents we sometimes want our kids to learn a skill just as much as the kids do, and sometimes even more. We encourage, put on pressure, take off pressure, and yes, sometimes bribe. The truth is, once they are in the gym they are in your hands, nothing we have said or done makes a difference. It's the coaches who give the kids the direction and confidence they trust and need. So again, thank you! Aside from being thrilled about ringing the bell yesterday, Alexis wouldn't stop talking about how every single coach in the gym last night was telling her she could do it and how she felt 'happy' because they believed in her. Seeing her express such pride, confidence and positive self-esteem truly validated how important and valuable her participation in the PCT program was. Yes, we initially enroll our kids in the program to have fun, meet friends, and learn to cheer. That all happens without question, but the life lessons our kids learn as a result of being part of a team with strong values is truly priceless.  A sincere thanks to both of you, and the entire PCT staff for truly 'Building Leaders and Champions"!
Effie R.