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This past year Legacy has conquered many personal goals and has truly LOVED every minute of her 3rd year as a cobra. As a parent I think back to her PCT start and through positive coaching, genuine caring, your belief in her and her personal drive you have all been apart of her continued determination. It’s hard to believe that when she started she couldn’t even do a cartwheel now she can do soooo much more. From her back walkover that CJ was instrumental in her achieving to her front walk over and back hand-spring that Jess worked soooo hard to assist her in. Nicole and Nat’s smiles and kind words have always put a smile on Legacy’s face. Carley you believed in Legacy and encouraged her to be her best and for that we are forever indebted to you because you pushed her outside her “comfort zone” and each time she rose to the occasion. Legacy is shaping her to be a confident and determined little girl and no words can truly express how grateful we are to PCT.

Rosie S.

As a parent there is nothing that you want more than to see you child happy. Because of each of you my child is beyond happy. She has learned the meaning of commitment, dedication and working toward goals. All these skills will become invaluable as she moves through her adolescence. She is confident and so very proud to be a member of the PCT family. This does not happen magically. This is because of the hard work, commitment and dedication from each of you. You recognize that cheerleading is more than stunts, tumbling and dance. You have seized the opportunity to mold young people into successful and contributing members of their communities. These life lessons are invaluable.  I have cheer gyms closer to our home but I choose to drive the distance to PCT because you make it worthwhile. Vanessa has just completed her 3rd season at PCT and we are looking forward to  many more! We are forever grateful, forever loyal and forever Cobras.

Amanda D

I have not gotten the chance to personally thank each of you for being wonderful coaches this year to Jason. Each of you has played an important role in developing his new love for cheerleading, and we are very proud of him! He has worked so hard this year and has shown such dedication. This has been such a big year for him! Not only have we noticed the changes physically, we have noticed a big change in his personality and confidence, his drive and his wanting to succeed which has spilled over into his everyday life at home and school. He is proud to call PCT his second family. Thank you all for helping him believe in himself and inspiring him to be a better athlete and person and for finally giving him the sense of belonging!!

Wendy G

I’d also like to say a very sincere THANK YOU for making this past half of the season a very positive experience for Kennedy. When she first started cheering with Cobra’s, she was really uncomfortable, she realized that she had so much more to learn. I knew it wasn’t going to be an easy transition for her to step into a new club after 8 years with the previous club, but the coaches and the other athletes on the team have really helped her master new skills, and they have helped her get her confidence back, and to continue to learn and keep developing new skills. Last year we would argue on the way home from practice because she was frustrated, and I would try to keep her positive but she really wanted to continue to grow in the sport. In all honesty this last few months, when we drive home, all I hear all about is how she’s going to get her layout, and perfect her bow, and kick full double whatever they are called. While she has always been very committed, I have never seen her work so hard on her stretching between practices. It’s now a ritual every night, even if I’m trying to get her to go to bed, she won’t until she’s stretched and let me tell you sometimes it’s past 11pm. The other athletes on the team are equally as supportive and dedicated. That really speaks to your coaches abilities, they are coaching their teams to be more than cheerleaders. I have watched how they encourage the team to work together, developing new friendships and respect for each other. They and you all work very hard to make it a great experience for the athletes and the parents.

Wendy S

I had to send you both an email and let you know Alexis was over the moon last night about ringing the bell for her backhandspring! When she came out of the gym she asked to go back in and keep doing them because they were ‘fun’ and in the car ride home she wanted to come home and do them on the grass. Of course, I said no to both, and told her it’s best to have the coaches around until she has had more practice. That said, I wanted to thank both of you for your continuous support, patience, motivation and encouragement when working with Alexis during her tumbling classes. This backhandspring has been her biggest challenge to date to complete without a spot, she has struggled to overcome her mental block for many months. As parents we sometimes want our kids to learn a skill just as much as the kids do, and sometimes even more. We encourage, put on pressure, take off pressure, and yes, sometimes bribe. The truth is, once they are in the gym they are in your hands, nothing we have said or done makes a difference. It’s the coaches who give the kids the direction and confidence they trust and need. So again, thank you! Aside from being thrilled about ringing the bell yesterday, Alexis wouldn’t stop talking about how every single coach in the gym last night was telling her she could do it and how she felt ‘happy’ because they believed in her. Seeing her express such pride, confidence and positive self-esteem truly validated how important and valuable her participation in the PCT program was. Yes, we initially enroll our kids in the program to have fun, meet friends, and learn to cheer. That all happens without question, but the life lessons our kids learn as a result of being part of a team with strong values is truly priceless.  A sincere thanks to both of you, and the entire PCT staff for truly ‘Building Leaders and Champions”!

Effie R.

The Rowell Family is moving on to the university phase of life now, but we wish to thank all of you for providing a first-rate athletic and creative activity for our girls over the past 5 years. We are very impressed with the professionalism, dedication and talent of your club.  Kristina and Andrea have participated in other sports, but none has engaged them as much as Cobras. Both girls left with a scholarship, higher self-esteem and good fitness habits. Thanks for all you have done – keep up the great work!

John R.

I just wanted to let you know how appreciative I am for the amazing staff at PCT. Vanessa (DiFalco) sustained a knee injury and has been struggling over the summer. Chris, Joe, Bryan and Scott have all been very supportive and accommodating. They are so genuine in their concern and care for her I can’t express how grateful I am. She is surrounded by a group of amazing coaches at the gym that we consider family. I know that great staff comes from great leadership and I thank each of you for that. Here’s the incredible part…. this is not an anomaly. Every single year, time and again, we have these amazing moments and feel so blessed to be a Cobra!

Amanda DiFalco

Everyone is so friendly and inclusive….like an extended family! Thanks for making us feel so welcomed.

Penny P

I just wanted to say that I am very happy and feel accomplished when I leave practice. I believe that giving and receiving feedback is part of what makes you awesome coaches and awesome people. I just wanted to take this opportunity to let you know how much I respect and appreciate the fact that you respect the time and money I spend to be apart of your team, I couldn’t imagine spending it at any other gym I hope to do it all again next year!

Hil Duffin

I wanted to congratulate you, your coaching staff and most of all, your athletes on an awesome weekend at Cheer for the Cure! As a judge, it was a pleasure to watch your teams compete. The consistency amongst the program is awesome. Right from the little ones to the big ones: the choreography is consistent along with the cleanliness of the routines and it truly was a treat to watch!

Tara S

Caitlin has just finished her 4th year as a Cobra, and in that time there have been lots of changes.   She summed it up perfectly a few weeks ago when she said that “although she has met lots of great people at the gym,  this year they really are a family.” When I looked at her last night I got a sense of what she feels for all of you. In the truest sense of the word it does feel like her “family” there. It is a place where she can really be herself, to love and be loved,  and to know that even when she is too loud, or not on her best she is still surrounded by people who  genueuinelly care for and about her, not to mention every other person there. I know better than any other person in the  world what my daughter is like yet I never have a problem waking her up to go to class because she has learned  what it means to be part of a team. She is more confident because she has learned to take risks even  when she is afraid she will not be able to do it, and she has learned to push herself just a little bit more than is comfortable  to achieve what she wants. I am truly proud of the young woman she is becoming thanks to the help, support and encouragement of the Cobra’s coaches, staff and athletes.  I don’t know if you know this or not,  but a few weeks ago my car died on the way to work on Bloor Street. The engine is gone and it can’t be fixed,  and my Cobra family (the 3 mom’s who also have daughters in the same class as Caitlin’s, and we go for coffee  every week) have made it possible for us to finish the year. Without them we would have missed  the last 3-4 competitions, every practice and the year end banquet last night! Truly the stuff families are made of!

Frances K.

As (my daughter) is heading off to University in the fall and this is her last season with the Cobras, I wanted to let you know how very impressed I have been with your club. We have see an enormous change in her over the last 3 years. She has learned to push herself out of her comfort zone, become more confident, the importance of sportsmanship and the pride, as well as the ups and downs, of being part of a team….You, CJ and Nicole have done an excellent job in building an organization that you should be very proud of. Best of luck.

L. Morris

As a parent I would like to make a comment about how proud I am that my daughter has had the opportunity to be part of this gym. She has learned so much in the past two years and absolutely breathes “cheerleading”. I would like to commend all the coaches on their hard work and what I especially notice is how much the coaches really care. The reactions of joy when these teams place from not only the athletes, but the coaches and the encouragement they give these athletes is awesome. Please pat yourselves on the back – these Cobra teams are truly amazing to watch and I truly feel proud when I’m cheering them on.

J. Hinton

I just wanted to take this opportunity to tell you how great these  (weekly updates) emails are. My daughters have done swimming,  gymnastics, dancing, music, soccer etc,. however regardless of the  size of the school and or its reputation, as a parent I have never  been as well informed and up-to-date on everything a school is up to,  until I joined PCT. This is my second year in this school and the improvements  on communication keep improving. I would just like tho say thank you,  because I’m a firm believer that the key to success is communication.  Thank you.

Ossie S.

Thank you so much for  for the great positive experience that it has been for her coming to Cobra’s.  In the last couple of years Jacqueline had lost her spark for cheer and since coming to Cobra’s she is once again very excited!! From the coaches to her new teammates the whole experience has been overwhelmingly positive and we can’t thank you enough!! :) She absolutely loves her new team. Just wish we had made this move a few years ago.

J. Ranier
Home and unpacked from a whirlwind couple of weeks.  On the drive home today I thought a lot about where Courtney is as a young lady and cheerleader today. Transition is always  difficult however ,moving over to PCT has proven to be the best decision ever.  Courtney loves it at the gym and we do too.  When I first walked into the gym 2 years ago for tryouts I was amazed by the professionalism and  how well organized it was.  However, to my dismay, I could not convince an 11 year old to leave all of her friends and come to Cobras.  This spring was a different story and I just wanted to say thank you.
Watching her in the competition yesterday left me in tears. She absolutely LOVES cheerleading however was always content on being average.  You have pushed and encouraged her to move past that comfort zone and  I cannot thank you enough for that.
As a mom, you want the best for your child.  Happy children makes this tough parenting  job a little easier and she is in a really great place right now thanks to you.
As I have said before, PCT makes it such an inviting, loving and fun place to be. You make it easy for us parents because we trust you guys and the whole Cobra family.
Looking forward to hearing the bell tomorrow!

I just wanted to express how happy we are with the girls PCT tumbling coach. They have come so far since June and our coach has gone above our expectations. Olivia has gained strength and self esteem and Vanessa has become this little tumbler (she will soon be working on level 2 skills and has the dream to be level 6 one day). We couldn’t have picked a better coach for them!

Jennifer Jones

We have been privileged to see our daughter grow and flourish every year in the environment and coaching that your whole PCT staff provides!

Kristen Hodson
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