Welcome to Season 12!

Welcome to Season 12 PCT Families!

It is hard to believe that we are entering into Season 12. I can still remember walking into the gym four years ago in Season 8, meeting my teams, the staff members that would soon become my best friends and the program that would forever change the way that I thought about Allstar Cheerleading. To those of you who are new to PCT this season, welcome, and to those of you returning to us, welcome back. We are so excited about this season and everything it has in store.


Building our Pokemon
Building our Pokeman

While the summer for most represents a time for relaxation, for us at PCT it is the time of year where we ‘build our Pokemon’. I like to think about my teams in terms of different Pokemon (haha). If you have never played Pokemon before then here is a quick explanation. The premise of the game is to build your character to evolve into a stronger, more talented ‘fighter’ with better ‘attacks’ and more ‘skills’ than when you originally started out. I know, silly, but this time of year I think about starting out with my Pokemon and with extra work increasing their skill set, strength and attack.


The Season 12 summer practices are exciting: new coaches, new members, new skills and a new challenge. I love watching my teams come together week after week. Summer is about setting your team up for success. This is the time where we start to figure out what our teams do well and where we need to focus attention to increase our score. This is also a time where we can start to get a feel for our team members and who our leaders are going to be. We start to plan for choreography- who is going to hold our jump section, our last pass, our point stunt group.

Top 5 ‘to-dos’ to make it through the Summer at PCT

  1. Invigorate your Water
    10 Healthy Ways to Invigorate your water! – sociallyfitclub.com

    Water, water, water– Drink lots of water throughout the day, and be sure to bring a water bottle to your practice. Try throwing in some lemon, lime, or berries, it makes it much more refreshing in the middle of a sweaty individual skills practice.

  2. Arrive early: The gym can get pretty busy during the week with 2-3 teams in at any time, on top of privates & classes. By being at the gym early you have time to decompress, gives you a chance to connect with your teammates before practice and be mentally & physically prepared for the evening. Come in, stretch it out and be ready for that 5:45pm or 8pm start time so when your coach calls you to the mat you are ready to give your best.
  3. Conditioning/Stamina: This sport is hard and your practices will reflect that. ‘Do it again’ or ‘one more time’ are our favourite catch-phrases at PCT. By conditioning outside of the gym 2-3 times weekly you will be stronger and ready to handle the workload of your practice. Need suggestions for exercises or conditioning ideas? No problem, chat with your coach after practice and we will be happy to help you out!
  4. Dress the Part– Hair up and off your neck, shorts on and be sure to back an extra t-shirt, bra top or tank. IT GETS HOT IN THE GYM! There are lots of great items right now in the PCT online store that are perfect for summer. Click here to check them out!
  5. Cool Down: Don’t forget to take a few minutes at the end of your practice to cool down your body. The end of practice is when your body is most warm, so take advantage of that and get stretching! Not only will it improve your flexibility, but it will also help you cool down and relax after an intense workout (flyers take note).


I truly can’t wait to see what Season 12 will bring for each team. Putting in the extra effort and hard work in the summer, will result in successful routine choreography and an even more successful competitive season! 

Until next time PCT,

 Coach Chris

Coach Chris



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