Technique Tuesday – Round Off Handspring

Technique Tuesday – Round Off Handspring

This week we look at 4 drills to help you improve or master the round off back handspring. Each of the drills helps focus on an important part of this skill.

Round off jump back drill

Stand in front of a big soft mat with your heels about a foot from the edge. Do a power hurdle or run and do a round-off away from the mat (this is called finding your mark). Turn around and do your round-off towards the mat, as your feet hit the floor punch off the ground and jump backwards on to your soft mat. When landing your round-off your arms should be straight up by your ears and you shouldn’t swing before doing your jump back. You want the round off and your jump back to be one consecutive movement. Your goal is to have your entire body laying flat on the mat when you are finished.

Snap down back handspring

Put a block against a wall so you can kick up to handstand with out falling over. If you have a partner you can have a block away from the wall and they can hold your feet. Kick up to handstand and snap your feet down, as you hit the floor punch off the ground and do a back handspring away from the block. When doing this drill, focus on not letting your knees bend too much and to not let them push forward past your toes.

Round off pause back handspring (with no swing in the middle)

This drill can be tricky, do a round off and a back handspring with a brief pause in the middle. An important note for this drill is to not swing in the middle. If it’s scary don’t be afraid to as your coach for a spot.

Round off handspring on to a mat

Find your mark away from a small mat. Turn around and do a round off towards the mat, land with your feet in front of the mat as your feet land punch off the ground and do your back handspring so your hands land on the mat. Once you become comfortable with this drill go onto a smaller mat and then onto the floor after that.

Good luck!!

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