Technique Tuesday – Punch Front Step Out

Technique Tuesday – Punch Front Step Out

This is a transitional skill that is used in tumbling passes in level 4 and up. It is a great way to start tumbling pass or add it in after some front tumbling. Here a few drills for your athlete to help them improve their step outs.

Drill #1 – ¾ front tuck step out over blocks

Stack up 3 trapezoid blocks, have the athlete run towards them and do a ¾ front tuck to their back. As they land on their back they should roll off the block and split their legs so they can step into a round-off out of it.

Drill #2 – Punch front step out off a block

Put 3 or 4 blocks in a line, have the athlete punch front off the last block, before they land have them open their legs so they can add a round off out of it.

Drill #3 – Punch front onto an elevated surface

Have the athlete punch front onto a mat, if they can land on their feet raise the surface to make it more difficult. If they can over rotate onto a raised surface it will make learning their punch front step out much easier.

Note* A big misconception about punch front step outs is that you need to have this massive split in the middle of your punch front. In actual fact the step out should be happening later in so the athlete doesn’t compromise their rotation.

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