With the release of our 2017/18 All Star Package we inevitably get questions regarding the ‘teams’ (meaning age division and level) we’ll be offering and our answer is always the same: WE OFFER THEM ALL. That being said: we won’t promise any of them.


Well, at PCT we are singularly focused on the athletes in our program and perfectly placing them on a team that matches their skill level. You can’t do that if you are simply looking to fill spots on a team.

By perfectly placing athletes – it allows for teams to be successful competitively and more importantly it allows athletes to grow and develop around like-skilled teammates. Coaches are coaching for “what’s next” and not for “whats missing”.

Sure, we used to name teams, and then we did a good hard look at ourselves and realized that doing it this way was putting the cart before the horse…the needs of the gym before the needs of the athlete…and that just isn’t who we are or what we do.

If you have any questions about our placement process we highly encourage you to (if you are a current COBRA) speak with your team coach; and if you are considering PCT speak to our amazing AS Manager Chris at 905 569 0049 and he’ll arrange for you to be sent our AS Package and a Grand Tour of our facility.


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