Snap Down Drill – Technique Tuesday

Snap Down Drill

The snap down is a very important skill for any athlete to able to do when learning round offs and back handsprings. With the right snap down technique, it will ensure proper execution of the ending of a round off and back handspring. This in turn, will make it easier to perform skills after the snap down takes place like, another handspring, a tuck or a full.

It’s a fundamental skill that every tumbler needs to know how to do to take their tumbling skills to the next level!

Step 1: The Hollow Body PositionHollow Body Position

The very first thing an athlete needs to understand is how to put their body into a hollow body position. A lot of the time athletes think the hollow body comes from the hips and stomach region. However a proper hollow body is shown through pulling their shoulder blades apart pulling their ribs in and rounding out their lower back. Here is a good example on how to understand the hollow body.

Step 2: The Shoulder Shrug

Shoulder Shrugs
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Kick up to a handstand against the wall. Your hands should be far enough from the wall so you can have a nice arched position in your back. From there, practice relaxing your shoulders and then pushing through them to make your body as tall as possible.

Step 3: Handstand fall to front support

Fall to Front Support
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You can do this on the ground, off a block, or on the cheese. Kick up to a handstand, push tall through your shoulders then let your feet fall so you land in a pushup position – also called front support. Make sure to maintain a tight and hollow body all the way down to the floor.

Step 4: Donkey kick bounces

Donkey Kick
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Starting in a front support with your hands on a block and your feet on the ground, practice rebounding off the floor and trying to go from an arched position to a hollow position. Thinking about the shoulder shrug and maintaining that good hollow body.

Step 5: Snap down drill

Put a block against the wall, kick up to handstand with your back facing the wall. Make sure your hands are far enough from the wall so you are in an arched position. As you let your feet fall from the wall shrug your shoulders so you create a “snap” through your shoulders and ribs. As your feet land on the floor you should have a squeezed bum and a tight core, your arms should be by your ears and your lower back should be round.

While doing the snap down drill, you always want to try and lift your hands off the block before your feet touch the floor. After perfecting the snap down drill, you can begin to add a rebound back onto the block or put a tumbling element after it. Good Luck!

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