Round-Off – Technique Tuesday

Round-Off – Technique Tuesday

The Round-off – This skill is what tumblers use as either the start of their long tumbling line or as a transitional skill between forward tumbling to backward tumbling. The round-off is a mixture between a cartwheel and a snap down (for tips on these skills see technique Tuesdays for June 16th and June 23rd).

When the round-off is done properly, it will help create lots of speed and power for the athlete during their tumbling pass.

Here is a great example of a round-off!

Here are a few drills to help perfect the technique of your round-off.

Drill #1

Round-off to your knees.

Stand in front of a nice soft landing mat, and take 1 big step forward. Mark your power hurdle (or steps into a hurdle) away from the mat so you know how far you will need to be. Face the mat, do a nice power hurdle with your arms straight up by your ears. Your hands will go down on the floor and you will land your roundoff on your knees on the soft mat. When landing on your knees you need to make sure you core muscles are tight, your arms are straight up beside your head hiding your ears and your body is in a nice strong hollow position. The goal for this drill is that you get both of your hands of the floor at the same time, your hips are square underneath you and that you land in a hollow body position.

Round-off to Knees
Round-off to Knees Click to Animate

Drill #2

Round-off over an obstacle.

You can make this obstacle as low or as high as you would like. The higher the obstacle the harder the drill. Again start in front of your obstacle and take 1 big step forward. Get your mark with your power hurdle (or steps into a hurdle) so you know how far away from the obstacle you need to be. Wherever you landed turn around and face your obstacle then take the same number of steps you took your mark with into your hurdle. Place your hands in front of your obstacle perform your round-off and your feet should land on the other side in strong hollow body position.

When this gets easy make your obstacle higher so you can really work on snapping your feet down and pulling your chest up for a nice finish.

Round-Off over Mat
Round-off over Mat Click to Animate

Drill # 3

Round-off up an incline.

Get your mark away from the cheese either from a power hurdle or steps before the hurdle. As you approach the incline, you will reach your hands as far forward out of your lunge as you can so that at least one of your hands is on the incline, then perform your round off up the incline so your feet are landing at the top.

This drill is to help get your hand and chest off the floor to help create an easier transition into your back wards skills.

Round-Off up Wedge
Round-Off up Wedge Click to Animate

For more information on how you can learn these and other great drills click here!

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