Round Off Handspring Tuck | Technique Tuesday

Round Off Handspring Tuck is an important level 3 skill to master; it is one of the staples of this level and it also is the progression into layouts.

Drill #1 – Round off handspring to a tucked position on an elevated surface

Set up mats and blocks that is about as tall as you are. Find you mark for a round off handspring away from the block. Tumble towards the mat, as you set you should lift your hips and knees up into a tucked position and land on the upper part of your back (mid to upper). DO NOT LAND ON YOUR NECK. When you land on your back, your arms should be straight up by your ears to stop from rolling.

Drill #2 – Snap down back tuck

Put a block against a wall and can kick up to handstand with out falling over. You can also hold have someone hold your feet if a wall isn’t available. Kick up to handstand with your shoulders open and your back arched and then snap your feet down, when you hit the floor, punch off the ground and do a back tuck. When doing this drill, focus on not letting your knees bend too much and to not push forward past your toes.

Drill #3 – Round off handspring up an incline

Get your mark for a round off away from the cheese. As you land your round off going toward the cheese, your feet should land on the floor just in front of it. As your hands hit the ground during your handspring, they should be landing on the cheese instead. The goal for this drill is to be able to land with your chest up and your arms up by your ears. As you get better you can rebound when you land or, you can also land your round off further up the cheese each time to make it more difficult.

For a round off tuck you can use all of the drills above, obviously taking out the handspring portion of the drills.

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