Punch Front – Technique Tuesday

This week we look at Punch Fronts and some drills you can do to make yours the best it can be!

Drill #1 – ¾ front flip onto a big squishy mat

Have the athlete run towards a soft mat and do a ¾ front tuck onto their back. As they punch off the floor they should have their arms above their head and their feet right underneath them. They should be looking a little higher than their eye level (a lot of athletes like to look down at where they are going but this causes them to lose height a lot of the time).  As they flip they should keep their arms above their head to protect their head and neck; this will also promote rotation from their hips and not their arms.


Drill #2 – “Punching” drills

Put some blocks in a line with spaces in between them, have the athletes punch over the blocks. Once they can do it without double jumping or falling onto a block you can add a mat at the end and have them ¾ front onto the mat after they punch over the blocks.

Drill #3 – Front tuck off a block (onto another block)

Have the athlete stand on a block. As they step off the edge of the block, they should be pull their arms up by their ears and try and put their feet right underneath them. As they hit the floor they should be maintaining a hollow body position so they can resist their punch on the floor to try and get maximum height. As the athlete punches off the ground they should be driving their hips over their heads like they have a hook on the back of their pants. They should try and keep their arms up as long as they can so they don’t lose height. Once they can land their punch front on the mat you can dial it up and get them to try and land on another block. They can then go back and fourth on each block doing punch fronts onto them.


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