PCT Cobras Logo Contest

PCT Cobras Logo Contest

We are running a video contest that we want you to be a part of! Are you an artist? Do you like to draw? Do you like to make videos? What about contests where you can we an amazing prize? Well this is the post for you!

In order to participate there are three simple steps to go through.

Step 1: View the PCT Cobra Logo Video

Step 2: Record yourself  drawing the PCT Cobras Logo

Using the logo posted below as a reference. You can draw it in pencil, or crayon, or paint, or whatever you like! Time Lapse is preferred to keep the video short if possible!

PCT Cobras Logo Contest

Step 3: Post for the world to see

Follow the link the below to post your video on the PCT Cobras Facebook page.

Click here to head to the PCT Cobras Facebook page post!

All Done!!

We will be choose the first 3 videos to post to win an awesome prize!

What are you waiting for…. start drawing!

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