PCT COBRAS dominate at Montreal Mayhem

IMG_3594PCT hit the road and traveled to Montreal with seven COBRA teams. The Montreal Mayhem event is new on the schedule and is sure to become one of our favourites. Not only is the competition fantastic, the competitors are FIERCE. PCT was blessed to dominate at this event, taking home an incredible six championships wins (for Wild LS1, Savage LS4.2, Rapture, LSR5, Vengeance SS5, Temptation IOLC5 and Original Sin O6) and one second place (for Renegade LS3), but we also managed to earn three GRAND CHAMPION BANNERS in 4.2, 5 and 6.

The entire gym family is so thrilled for our Senior and Open athletes as they’ve worked very hard to perform clean, confident, zero deduction runs (we had 3 or 7 this event). A well earned break for the holidays is coming up for these teams.



Check out all the Competition Performances Here:



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