Layout – Technique Tuesday

Round Off Back Handspring Layout

The Layout is another very important skill to develop in the the sport of cheerleading. Not only is it a required skill in Level 4, it also sets the foundation for more advanced skills such as the layout full and layout double full. Check out the drills below to make your layout the very best it can be!

Drill #1 – Round off handspring to a candlestick position on an elevated surface

Set up mats and blocks that is about as tall as you are. Find your mark for a round off handspring away from the block. When you tumble towards the mat, as you set you should lift your toes and hips up into a candle stick position and land on the upper part of your back (mid to shoulders), it is important that you keep your arms above your head when you land to protect your neck.

The ultimate goal is to be able to perform this drill without a spot, if you can lift your toes and maintain a tight body position into a candle stick onto a stack of mats that is about the same height as you are it will make for an easy transition into the rest of the skill.

Drill #2 – Layout pulls on the floor

Lay in front of a solid object that you can grab (a pole, a couch, a bed post etc.). You should be on your back with your arms straight up above your head. Lift your toes off the ground and immediately try to pull your hips up into a candlestick. Most athletes will be able to lift their toes and not their hips so it turns into a piked position until you get stronger this drill will be very hard to do correctly (lots of core exercises will help achieve this).

Drill #3 – Round-off back handspring back layout onto an elevated surface

Find your mark away from a mat. Do a round-off handspring layout onto the mat, focusing on your set and body position. It is better that you don’t land on your feet because you are focusing on maintaining a good position then to compromise that position to land. A good alternative is to land in a front support (push up position) until you can get enough height and rotation to land on your feet.
Note* A lot of the time athletes pike the second half of their layout because they are bringing their arms down to early. If this is a problem you notice, work on waiting to pull your arms down.

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