Jump Back Drill – Technique Tuesday

Jump Back Drill – Technique Tuesday

The Jump Back Drill is a very important part of learning the standing back handspring. This still helps introduce the idea of jumping backward in a safe and controlled manner. Often times, coaches will start with this drill as it replicates the first part of the back handspring. Hopefully these tips can help you get better at this drill immediately!

Stand with your arms by your side facing away from a big squishy mat.

Jump Back Drill - 1

With your feet together, bend your knees as far as they will go while keeping your feet flat on the floor and your knees together (Note: your knees shouldn’t bend past a 45 degree angle). While bending your knees pull your arms behind you so they go just to the edge of your bum.

Jump Back Drill - 2

With as much explosive power as you can swing your arms up above your head and straighten your knees so you are jumping at the same time.  

Jump Back Drill - 3

Your arms should pull you backwards and you should land flat on your back on your big mat. Do not worry about arching your back in the middle of your jump the point of this drill is to get as much height and distance as you can.

Jump Back Drill - 4

A good benchmark is to try and get your heels past the edge of the mat so that your entire body is laying flat on the mat (Note: Make sure that when you are in the air you keep your head in and your body in a nice strong hollow position).

Here is what it should look like when it is put all together.

Jump Back Drill - Animated
Click to make larger!


Hopefully you can apply this drill today and make your handspring the best it can be! As always, if you are interested in the tumbling program at PCT click HERE to find out how to get started today!

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