Handspring Step Out – Technique Tuesday

Handspring step outs – Technique Tuesday

This skill is an important skill in level 2 tumbling. It is a great way to connect handsprings either in a standing line or during a running pass. Here a few drills to help you get started.

Drill #1 Back limber step out

Do a back limber and as your feet hit the top of a handstand split your legs open. Depending on if they are doing a walkover or a cartwheel out of the handspring will depend on what foot they put down first.

Drill#2 – Handspring step out down the cheese

Have the athlete start at the top of the cheese facing backwards get them to handspring down the cheese, as they land in their handstand have them split their legs as wide as they can. If the athlete is trying to do a back walkover out of the handspring they will need to put their walkover leg down first. If they are doing a cartwheel out of the handspring they will need to put their cartwheel leg down second.

Drill 3# – Snap down step out of a block

Have the athlete do a handstand on a block, as they snap their feet down they should split their legs so they land in a lunge position one foot after the other. You can get them to do a walkover or a cartwheel out of this drill so they understand which foot they need to split during the step out.

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