Front Roll – Technique Tuesday

Front Roll – Technique Tuesday

The front roll is a foundation skill for learning tumbling. It introduces hip over head rotation in a safe and controllable way! If you are starting the learn the front roll, try each of the drills below and you will master the front roll in no time. Click here to see a great example of a front roll!

Drill #1 Tuck and roll to stand up

Stand with your arms straight up by your ears in a hollow body position. Squat all the way to the floor roll onto your back with your knees tucked into your chest (keep your arms by ears to protect your head).  Roll back to your feet and try and stand up without using your hands on the floor.

Drill #2 – Shoulder roll

Stand facing down an incline, squat all the way to the floor so that you are in a tucked position. As you start to do your roll, tuck your chin to your chest and place one of your hands across your body. The goal for this drill is to roll over one shoulder instead of your head and neck. Once you get comfortable doing this roll over your ‘good shoulder” try it on the other arm.

Drill #3 – Front roll down an incline

Start facing down your incline, squat all the way to the floor. Tuck your chin into your chest using your legs push all of your weight over your hands so your hips roll over your head. As your back hits the incline grab your knees (one hand for each knee) and then stand up with your arms by your ears.  

Important note – Whenever you are doing rolls there should never be any pressure on your head and neck.

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