Front Limber – Technique Tuesday

Front Limber – Technique Tuesday

Front Limber is a very good progression when learning front walkovers and front handsprings. It helps the athlete understand “blind landings” (these are landings when an athlete is forward tumbling and can’t see the floor coming). It will also help improve leg, hip and core strength and help increase shoulder and back flexibility.

Here are a few drills to help get that front limber.

Drill #1 Handstand fall to bridge

Stand in front of a mat or a block far enough away that you have room to put your hands on the floor in front of it. Kick up to a handstand and try to hold it for the 3 seconds, then fall into a bridge with your feet on the mat. Once this becomes easy find a smaller mat until you are able to do it safely on the floor.

Drill #2 Bridge walking up the wall

Lay on your back with your head close to a wall. Push up to a bridge and walk yourself up the wall until you are standing up enough that you can push yourself into a fully standing position with your arms by your ears.  Once you are comfortable with this drill try and start pushing off the wall from a lower point.

Drill #3 – Fall to bridge off a block

This drill is similar to drill one except you will use a block for your hands. Kick up to a handstand with your hands on block, try to hold for 3 seconds then fall to a bridge. When you fall to your bridge your hands should be higher than your feet so it make it easier for you to stand up. As this drill becomes easier make the block you are doing your handstand on lower until you can do it from the floor.

Thank you of checking out this weeks post on drills to help your front limber!

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