Finding your Balance!

Hey PCT Families & athletes,

September is upon us, the air smells a bit more like fall, students are preparing to head back to school and the coaching staff here at PCT are prepping their practice planners to ramp up for our favorite time of the season, the pre-competition/routine season.

Pre-comp season is the time in which we tweak our routine choreography for cleanliness, we begin to mark our routines for cardio, we review counts and work routine flow. Practices become much heavier with double the reps, more conditioning and the expectation changes for our competitive athletes. This can be really exciting for teams! We start to see the bits and pieces we have worked on week after week come together and the hard work that we have put in over the summer pay off. The pieces quickly start to fall into place and we begin to see things come together to build the puzzle that is our competitive routine. Pre-comp season can be exciting, energizing but it can also prove to be stressful.

With athletes getting their class schedules and heading back to school it is crucial to the team’s success that they find balance. Much like a work/life balance, athletes must have a cheer/life balance. Learning to find a balance between practice times, home work, friends and for senior athletes their own work schedule, is critical for having an enjoyable and successful year!

Here a few tips for finding balance during the school year to ensure your success on your PCT Team:

  1. Plan Ahead: Be sure to get a handle on upcoming team events and competition dates. Having these in early for work, school (especially during exam season) will minimize stress later on in the season.
  2. Finishing projects/homework early: Don’t procrastinate! Athletes who are stressed out during practices never practice well. We want our athletes at 100% so ensuring they come to the gym happy, energized and ready to work is best for the individual and the team.
  3. Hand Sanitizer & staying healthy: ‘back-to-school season’ also marks the start of flu season. Athletes who are ill or sitting out tend to fall behind, setting the team back-Vitamin C, lots of water and using hand sanitizer, individual water bottles (no sharing) and preventative flu shots are all your friends!
  4. Calendar: Athletes this time of year feel overwhelmed. Build a calendar including personal dates, school dates/projects and your practice schedule. Post it up in a place that is visible, that you will see each day. Fo all of our members, there is a great upcoming event calendar that contains all that important dates for this season. You can filter it and then add those dates to one of your calendars to make sure you always know what is going on! Click here to check it out!

Enjoy the upcoming long weekend and we wish you all the best during your first few weeks back at school!

See you on the mat,

Coach Chris and the rest of the PCT Staff.

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