If you come, we will build it. Team Placements at PCT.

Its team placement time at PCT and we are busy fielding questions about the teams we are planning and the answer we give everyone is….ALL OF THEM. Perplexing to many, as they are used to having gyms “declare” that they’ll be fielding a team and then they go out and “find” people to fill it. At PCT we do the opposite.

We’re looking for great kids – beginners, Level 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6….boys and girls. We have a team for EVERYBODY because we build our teams around the people who walk through the door. That means that if we have twenty level 4 juniors show up….we’ll have a Level 4 Junior team. If we have 36 Level 5 Seniors…well, hello Large Senior 5; and if we have 14 Level 6 age eligible males….then Large Coed 6 it is.

Over the course of PCT’s 14 years, we’ve been able to build successful teams at every level and every age group because of this philosophy. And it works, we’re coming off our most successful competitive year yet – we over 50 Division Wins, 3 bids to worlds, two face off invites, and 8 National Champion titles (in our one gym) and we expect that next season will be the same.

By building teams┬áthis way every athlete has a place to grow, to stretch their skills and to learn. Safe in our program with people they know, love, and trust your child can spend years and years cheering and never “grow out” of our gym. Our coaches chart a path for every child and quite frankly, with our staff and program, the sky is the limit

Come talk to us about our team placement process by setting up a grand tour with our All Star Manager Chris at [email protected] Check out the All Star team information on our website. Drop In to one of our Open Houses on May 13 from 4:30-6:30 or May 16 from 6:00-8:00 PM – they are completely FREE and tons of fun. Or just come by and meet a few coaches, our awesome front desk staff (Christine, CJ and Maddie) and parents and find out what makes PCT so special.

And remember, if YOU come, we WILL build it.

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