Cheerleading 101: ‘What’s in my Cheer bag?’

NFINITY Cheerleading Backpack
Maybe sparkly, sometimes black, sometimes red or silver and usually decked with pins & colourful bows. The cheerleading crazed and the cheer obsessed carry their Nfinity backpacks everywhere. With the start of our competition season weeks away we grabbed a handful of athletes from PCT and asked them what they carry around in their shimmery Nfinity backpacks, what they take to every cheerleading competition and their absolute cheerleading ‘cannot live withouts’. Find out what our athletes take with them to competitions & events.

We asked what do you pack for a Cheerleading competition?

Madie, Original Sin

I always carry 3 pairs of socks in my bag so I am never short if I am coming from work or school to the gym. I pack 2 pairs of Nike Pros with me at all times so they match the different shirts in our shirt rotation. I carry Advil because you never know how you are going to feel going into or coming out of the practice (3 hour practices can be hard). I always have sports tape for my wrists when working on standing tumbling. Lastly, body spray, the gym gets hot and gross so a spritz feels refreshing.

Jaden, Renegade

I always have my phone on me with rubberized case, the floors at the competition venues are always so hard and I am scared I will drop it. My bag is always full of competition bows, I have ones for practice and I always have my competition bow in my bag. An extra water bottle to stay hydrated. cheerleading shoes, Deodorant.

Coach Joe

On the day of competition I always bring along a ton of items to get me through the day. I pack with me extra snacks like granola bars, water, almonds, things that will help energize me. I bring along tape, kleenex and band-aids for team emergencies. I always bring an extra competition bow just in case any athlete breaks or misplaces their bow.

Julia, Rapture

Cheerleading hair elasticsOn competition day I always pack extra hair elastics in case mine breaks. I always have a can of hairspray on me to hold my hair in place on comp day. I bring along a mini compact mirror so I can touch up my lips and eye makeup. I always have band-aids inside the front pocket of my cheerleading bag, you never know when you may need one.

Isabella, Lethal

I always pack an extra tube of lipstick and hairspray for touch ups before I walk on the floor with my team. I bring extra white ankle socks, I don’t like the feeling of sweaty socks all day at a competition. I bring my track pants with me so I can wear them over my skirt going into the venue. Lastly, I pack my ‘lucky bow’, it is a blue rhinestone bow. It was the first bow I ever got at my first cheerleading competition in Sandusky.

Alexis, Temptation

Cheerleading can be stressfulOn the day of a cheerleading competition I pack a purple squishy stress ball with me in my bag, to calm myself down before we go into warm ups. I always pack my good luck charm, it is a clay ‘cobra’ model, made in our colours that my cousin made me- it brings me luck. I am never without my yellow #WWGD competition bracelet, it makes me feel like Garfield is watching over me when I hit the floor. This one is sort of weird, but I always put on Sweet Cinnamon scented hand sanitizer before I go into the warm up gym.

Coach Jess K

I always carry my PCT staff backpack on comp day. I tend to carry a lot of stuff with me and this bag holds everything I need. On competition day I pack my Bluetooth Speaker for visual mark throughs with my teams before they go into warm up. I always have gum and extra water on me. We end up talking, shouting counts and running around so much I feel dehydrated. I carry an extra bottle of hairspray and a red shade of lipstick incase my girls need touch ups before they walk out to compete. As a coach, you can never, ever be too prepared at a cheerleading competition.

No matter if it is your first time competing or if you have been doing this for years, cheerleading competitions can be stressful. In order to help reduce some of that, we recommend that you pack all the things you think you might need the night before and then double check before you leave the house.

When in doubt, make sure you have these few items with you and you will be just fine:

  1. Uniform – Make sure you have the top and bottom!
  2. Cheer Shoes
  3. White ankle socks
  4. Bow
  5. PCT Jacket

Everything else after that is up to you! Hope this post has given you some insight into what people pack for cheerleading competition.

Let us know what you pack in your bag!

PCT Cobras Cheerleading is located in Mississauga, ON and offers competitive and recreational cheerleading teams as well as group and private tumbling and skills classes at Power Cheer Toronto. For more information on how to contact us, click here.


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