Cheer For The Cure is always an exciting event for the PCT COBRAS – not only are our highest level teams vying for bids to the World Championships but its also the debut of PCT’s All Star Prep teams, plus we raise money for Cancer Research all Fall and are able to make a substantial donation….all in all, its a fantastic event!


This weekend was filled with first moments, friendships, and memories that will last a lifetime! A HUGE thank you to all the coaches for their hardwork. I believe these three cheerleaders perfectly capture the sense of accomplishment and excitement of a cheer competition and what it is to be PCT Cobra cheerleader. Well done! – Kristen Frazer Vecchio


This is our 3rd Competitive event of the season and once again we are showing tremendous consistency across all teams – with clean runs and great skills. The results are undeniable!


“What an amazing weekend for our teams and program. This event, of the events we have participated in so far this season was our most competitive one. We saw programs from all around Ontario, Quebec and even some from the states- all of which were extremely talented. PCT came out on top showing that the finesse and attention to detail we have been focusing on since early June really paid off. This weekend we took home a number of championship titles with our teams, our junior level 1 team proudly took home the Grand Champion award, making them the highest scoring level 1 team at the event. The stakes were quite high with our worlds stream teams as they moved into their first qualifying event of the season. There were a total of 36 teams competing for 9 bids to the 2016 World Cheerleading Championships. Over the two days of competition each team came hard with aggressive routine skills that really upped the ante from last season. At the end of the two days our 3 Worlds teams ended with gorgeous clean runs. We walked away with two bids to worlds for our Large Co-ed 5 team, Temptation and our Small All-Girl 5 team Vengeance. We cannot wait to see what this season has in store for all of our teams and truly feel like this could be our best season to date” – Chris Cunningham. All Star Manager

Full videos of all the COBRA team performances can be found on Youtube here. For your viewing pleasure enjoy our Junior Level 1 team “Lethal” in the Grand Championship performance.


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