Back Walkover – Technique Tuesday

Back Walkover – Technique Tuesday

Drill #1 Bridge with leg in the air

Push up to bridge and lift the leg you want to kick over with. Try and hold this position for as long as you can. Once this becomes easy while you are holding your leg up you can practice rocking back and forth, trying to push your shoulders past your wrists. (It is always a good ideas to practice lifting both legs)

Drill#2 Fall to bridge with leg in the air

Stand with your arms straight up by your ears with the leg you want to lift in front of you (there should be no weight in your front foot). As you fall to bridge lift your leg up so when you land in your bridge your foot is pointing at the ceiling. Again this is always good to do on both legs if you can.

Drill #3 Bridge kick overs

Using an elevated surface, push up to bridge with your feet elevated. Lift the leg you want to kick over with and try and push your shoulders past your wrists. If you can get your shoulders far enough past your wrists your body should naturally follow. Once this drill is easy lower the surface that your feet are on until you can do it from the ground.

Working on these 3 drills will help make your back walkover the best it can be! Make sure to check back each week as we post another Technique Tuesday skill!

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