Back Limber – Technique Tuesday

Back Limber – Technique Tuesday

This is a skill that is a great building block when learning a back walkover and back handspring.  It helps with understanding body awareness, strength and flexibility.

Here are a few drills to help you perfect your back limber.

Drill #1 – Fall to bridge

Start this drill will standing in front of a nice big mat. Face away from the mat and start with your legs a little wider than shoulder width. With your arms by your side slowly slide them up your body while you fall backwards into a bridge. Once you can do this drill comfortably, make the surface lower until you can fall to a bridge on the floor, starting with your hands above your head.

Drill #2 – Bridge Hops

While in your bridge; practice pushing your shoulders past your hands and hopping your feet off of the floor. The goal for this drill is to be able to get yourself almost to a handstand by the end of it.

Drill #3 – Walking your feet in

While in your bridge, practice walking your feet into your hands as close as you can make them. Then walk them back out until you are back into your starting bridge position. The closer you can get your feet to hands and the more you can push your shoulders over your hands the better.

Drill #4 Bridge push overs off the block

Start laying flat on your back with your bum pushed up against a raised surface and your feet on top of it. Push up to a bridge and walk your hands as close to the block as you can. Rock back and forth a few times and when you are ready push your legs off of the block so you pass.

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