Back Handspring – Technique Tuesday

Back Handspring – Technique Tuesday

This skill is a huge benchmark for every athlete who is learning to tumble. We sometimes refer to it as the cork in the bottle, once an athlete masters their back handspring it becomes very easy to add skills before and after it.

Here are a few drills to help you with your back handspring.

Drill #1 Handstand pop

Start in a lunge position with your arms straight above your head. Kick up to a 45-degree handstand and as your hands touch the floor extend your shoulders and try and “pop” your hands off of the floor. At the beginning it’s ok to not land in a handstand after you “pop”. But as you get better try and hold your final handstand. It is important that when you are kicking to your first 45-degree handstand that you reach a little bit further in front of you than you normally would for a regular kick to handstand.

Drill #2 – Back handspring to stomach

Stand on a block in front of a big soft mat so your feet are level with the mat. Your feet should be close enough to the mat so that when you do your back handspring your hands hit the mat not the block.  Do your back handspring but instead of snapping your feet down, open up your shoulders and push through them as hard as you can to try and push your body as far across the mat as you can. At the end of the skill you should be flat on your stomach. Your goal for this drill is to push yourself far enough that your feet can touch the other side of the mat.

Drill #3 – Back handspring snap down from a block

Stand at the front of a trapezoid block (the thickest one you can find) so that you have enough room to do a back handspring on it.  Do your back handspring so your hands land on the block and snap your feet onto the ground. Once you get comfortable with this drill, try punching back up onto the block after your handspring.

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